torsdag 7. april 2011

"Half Square/Half Crazy"

been looking into the art of Dan Graham the last couple of days, just received a book from amazon containing his writings; two-way mirror power, selected writings. Fascinated by his thoughts around how he uses his mirror installations as an operative means to investigate living areas through the relation between internal and external environment, private/public, and to see how the human being relates to the codes regulating urban life. Trying to see if his thoughts around mirroring walls could be transformed into my thinking- is it so that a lot of the social stigmas and the division of groups at Grønland is due to the juxtaposition between observer/observant- could this be evened out if the observer becomes the observant? How could this reshape/restructure both the psychological and perceptive structures of the the social behavior in the streetscape? Could we in the case of Grønland transform the transparency of the non-communicating layers into rather visible ones? I see you as a reflection of me etc...-could this prevent further stigmatism and also help in bringinging forth the "hidden" life from behind the facades, i.e. the introvert "social-clubs" etc...?

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