torsdag 17. mars 2011

clean city

The Senate of the State of Kansas in the USA intensifies the fight against what they believe is a common decline in the morality in the society due to the porn industry and everything that goes with it. A new law requires that strip clubs, porn cinemas, shops selling sex toys and the like, is not be established closer than 300 meters from schools, churches, parks, nurseries and libraries. This is a pretty absurd problem, 300 meters is a relatively large distance in a city and how does this affect a churchgoer if he must pass a pussypump store on his way to the sermon? Is it really so that the presence of sex in the city is considered so dangerous it must be banned? At Grønland churches, mosques, nurseries and pornshops coexists, side by side, not much controversy, and, oh, since so much funstuff is already banned in Norway, its a big black market due to supply & demand, does it become better if we pretend it does not excist?

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