mandag 31. januar 2011

Seasonal occupants/ Follow the leader

When it rains it pours-rephrase that in a nordic manner; When it snows it builds. The police regulations state that the building owners themselves are responsible for keeping the boardwalks clean and free of ice while the city itself is responsible for the streets and walkingzones in the innercity. This mixture of public/private shared responsibillity has given the city a look which at best can be described as a quilted blanket, the minimizing of walkable areas caused by the power of nature is acting as the biggest occupant of public space but at the same time it is still acting as a live tracer; the routes people take and the decissions they take on theire way through the cityscape leaves a walked impression of the choiches beeing made, or, does it mean that the first person who walks through the streets after heavy snow makes decissions for everybody else to follow the next couple of days, ha, what made him a leader.

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