mandag 31. januar 2011

Enough is never enough..

Approximetly two years ago, chief of police; Arnstein Gjengedal promised the public to keep the streets of Grønland drug free, or as he stated; Enough is Enough! Like all other daring statements its a failure, or as I stated myself on this blog half a year ago; a user is a user 365,24/7. In a city there will allways be secret transactions and secret locations for doing illegal bizz, the only thing we can change about this is the way we regard this, if we chase these people away from a known locality theyll just find a new place for theire activities tomorrow. Whats bugging me about this is not the dealing of illegal substances, nor the appearence of the buyers/ users but, the media plays a big role in portraying the reallity of a neighbourhood; the constant focus on the problems instead of having a discussion around solutions. This link is from yesterdays aftenposten and is about the war on drugs at Grønland. Last year 737 persons where comprehended, half of them more than once. One out of two has either been rejected as an asylant or is living here without proper permit. 136 of them is enrolled as asylants, and for the rest, the story goes on…
According to the police; people from Algeria, Nigeria and Somalia are in the top three ranking of the arrests, these three countries are among the worst on the UNs list of Living Conditions (Somalia is not even on the list due to lack of data..).
Last year, the police expelled 189 of the arrested people in this neighbourhood back to theire country of origin. The questions that should arise then is not if these people are criminals or not, (of course they are when they have broken the laws), but what we should question is rather WHY they are there, on the streets, pushing dope under the bridge. There is a reason for everything but whats the reason for the constant witchhunt on the users and buyers and the will that some journalists have in making Grønland appear more dangerous than it really is? I know that rain sells better than sunshine, lets not hope that this also accounts for stigmatization…

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